LeithLate June 2011
I presented an A0 portrait series and video slideshow in Pilrig St. Paul’s for LeithLate in Edinburgh. My portrait series was entitled Conversations We’ve Had, Conversations We haven’t Part 2 and my video series was 1) Ocean Terminal and 2) McDonald road Fire Station which are two prominent Leith fixtures.

(LeithLate map by David Lemm)

Colony of Artists September 4&5 2010
I presented a photo series called Conversations We’ve Had, Conversations We haven’t Part 1 (an A0 portrait series which hung on a washing line) in addition to a multimedia showing of the photo series: 1) Children 2) Ocean Terminal (My route to work, photos taken 2006-2007). Visit the Colony of Artist website here. A review of the show by the Guardian can be found <a href="“>here.

For the Betamaps exhibition, I presented a series of short films that examined stasis and flux in neighbourhoods. My films included 1) Walks to Work (walks to work in Toronto, 2004-2005) and 2) An Inventory of my Grandparents’ house (A Photo collection of 2500 photos). Visit the Betamaps website here.

In 2006, I was asked by my friend Sarah Jane Reynolds (aka Ugly Bunny) to write fairy tales about Toronto that would be incorporated into various jewelery pieces. Sarah Jane worked with paper, wood, and silver. Each piece of jewelery corresponds with a story I wrote, mainly involving squirrels, trees and birds. This was on exhibition at the Ontario College of Art and Design and at the Gladstone Hotel, 2006.


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