poster by Jonathan Prior

Jiggery Fuckery is a dj/video group who host dance parties at The Forest Cafe, in Edinburgh, Scotland. The group consists of DJs Jimmy Bastard (Dai Jones) and Show and Tell (Jonathan Prior), videos by Esotericka (me), featuring live sets from Rootmitten (Martin Blackburn).

We hosted a one-year series called Jiggery Fuckery from 2009-2010
The series was:
Jiggery Fuckery: An Introduction (video and music sampler can be found here)
Jiggery Donkery: Our homage to the donk musique
Jadery Donkery: Our memorial video to Ms. Jade Goody, OK magazine had published her obituary, with her consent, before she died.
Jadery Thatchery: Credit Crunch Lunch or Britain: From Thatcher to Goody
Biggery Fuckery: 3d
Rejiggery Fuckery: Let’s think about dancing
Utterly Fuckery: Why not?
Infinite Fuckery: The Conclusion (All Things That Are Good Must End While They Are Good To Remain Good)

In addition to our own dance parties, we have played at the Blender 2 and Blender 3 parties, the Fringe Festival (2009-2010), New Years Eve, and the Betamaps exhibition, all at the Forest Cafe. We played both the opening and the closing of The Bowery Bar. We have played the Meadows Festival 2009&2010.